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Armaggeddon AK-770i Multimedia Gaming Keyboard with Back Lighting
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The AK-770i is a multimedia and gaming keyboard that has 3 different adjustable back-light colors and the gaming clusters keys (W, A, S, D and arrow keys) come with anti-ghosting capability.


3 different backlight color in one keyboard
6 available function buttons on keyboard
High-profile, ultra-durable and silent keys
Lifespan up to 100 million keystrokes
Anti-ghost gaming clusters(W,A,S,D and Arrow keys)


Multimedia and gaming keyboard
104 membrane silent switch and key stroke up to more than 100 million times
6 shortcut keys on-the-fly
Adjustable backlight color and brightness on keyboard lighting key
1.8 meter multi-flex cord wrapped ultra-durable cable jack
Gaming cluster with anti-ghosting capability
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